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Texas RV Travel : Travel Like a Native

Texas RV Travel exists to promote Texas as a travel destination and to support other owners of RVs. Texas, traveled with or without a recreational vehicle, is like no other place on Earth.

If you are interested in Texas and what you may see here, please feel free to browse this site.  For the latest events and seasonal trips, please visit Texas RV Travel blog.

What is an RV? 

Recreational vehicles (RVs) combine transportation and temporary living accommodations for travel, recreation and camping. Some people go camping on the weekends and vacations, some spend 6 months a year in another area of the country, and some people travel and live in their RV on a full-time basis. 

Click here to view pictures of the different categories of RVs.

  • Recreational vehicles may be divided into two broad categories: RVs that move under their own power and RVs that are towed.

  • RVs that combine a motor vehicle chassis and living quarters in single unit are class A, class B or class C motor homes.

  • RVs that are designed to be towed by a personal vehicle are travel trailers, popup campers and fifth-wheel campers.

  • There are unusual combinations of all class RVs.  I did see a 4-wheel drive RV that was mounted on a Caterpillar tractor body.

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Are We Experts?

Michael and Eileen are two intrepid wanderers from the 1960s who married in 2001.  Eileen is a professional writer, webmaster and marketer, while Michael is a gourmet chef, storyteller, and disabled Viet Nam vet.

We returned from our inaugural trip respectful about pulling a travel trailer 1000 miles and grateful that we survived being terminally stupid.

Read Our RV Journey Begins to find out what happened during our first trip.

We decided to share what we learned on that journey and since then. We also wanted to share our love of Texas travel, with or without an RV.

A New Travel Trailer (May 2009)

Beauty and Beast were passed on to others and we purchased a 21-foot Edge, a lightweight travel trailer. We fixed up this diesel Silverado and are ready to go.  Our first trip was to Florida to swim with the manatees. 

Edited 02/18/2011